Pastoral Position--New Mexico

Redeemer Christian Fellowship in Roswell, NM, is seeking a pastor. We are a church of about 40 to 50 attendees with a strong Reformed view of preaching and teaching. We were originally a PCA church but are now an independent reformed church. For more information, contact William Dawe, Elder,, tel. 575-910-4855.

[Added: 2/23/2024]

Pastoral Position--South Dakota

Zion Community Church of Wilmot, South Dakota, a non-denominational, conservative church, is seeking a pastor.

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[Added: 2/23/2024]

Pastoral Internship Opportunity

New City Fellowship (PCA) of Fredericksburg, Virginia ( will be offering pastoral internships for students wanting to gain practical experience in ministry. If you’re interested, contact Jim Womer, Director of Discipleship & Community, at 540-847-8559.

[Added: 2/13/2024]

New Teaching Center in the Denver Area!

New Geneva has initiated a new teaching center at Skyview Presbyterian Church, 251 E. Sterne Blvd., Centennial, CO. The first course for the new center will be CH 501, Overview of Church History (Ancient Church through Middle Ages), taught by Dr. Dominic Aquila. The intensive lectures for this course will be held from April 22-26, from 6 to 9 p.m. each evening. Auditors and Zoomers are welcome! To register for the course, click "Register" below the course listing on the Schedule page below. For more information, please see

[Added: 2/13/2024]

Pastoral Position--Pittsburg

New Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) is seeking a senior pastor with a reformed theological conviction and practice for the purpose of making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father, that we may worship our Triune God and have fellowship with God and one another. Download and read our Church Profile for detailed information on our church, the senior pastor position, and how to apply.

For more information, please see Church Profile:

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Support New Geneva Online

Donations and tuition payments to New Geneva can now be made online. For DONATIONS: For Tuition PAYMENTS:

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The Aquila Report

Have you discovered The Aquila Report? It’s your free and independent source for news and commentary from and about conservative, orthodox evangelicals in the Reformed and Presbyterian family of churches. It features eight new articles per day featuring insightful commentary on the latest news in the Reformed and evangelical communities. Go to to read the articles or to sign up to receive the top ten articles each week by email. Dr. Aquila and Paul Harrell also discuss the top ten articles on a new podcast at For more information, please see

[Added: 11/14/2023]

Correctional Chaplain

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is looking for a Correction Chaplain to serve as Champion Evangelist and Discipler to the residents and staff of the correctional facility. This person will be a recruiter, team builder that is self-motivated and demonstrates Christlike leadership and character. The Correctional Chaplain will provide comprehensive ministry services to inmates and staff, public officials, and the community. For further information go to - Interested individuals may submit resumes and cover letters to

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[Added: 11/10/2023]

Pastoral Opportunity--Pueblo

Broadway Christian Church in Pueblo, CO is currently seeking applicants for their pastor position. Broadway is a non-denominational, Christian Church where communion is served weekly. We are a small congregation of about 35 dedicated people. Our desire is to grow both in numbers and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please send resume to Our church secretary Kelly Schaible can be reached at 719-543-3355 or Sharon Hartman at 719-671-7815.

[Added: 10/25/2023]

Pastoral Opportunity--South Dakota

Trinity Reformed Church (RCUS) of Sioux Falls, SD, is seeking a second Full-Time Pastor to implement our vision and mission in the areas of discipleship and outreach. Primary responsibilities will be to our youth and college-aged members as well as the unchurched in our community. Please submit resumes to or call 605-359-9798. For more information, visit

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[Added: 10/24/2023]

Pastoral Positions

The RCUS recently updated their list of vacant pulpits looking for pastors: -Peace Reformed Church - Garner, IA -Covenant Reformed Church - Gettysburg, PA -Covenant Reformed Chapel - Manhattan, MT -Salem-Ebenezer Reformed Church - Manitowoc, WI -Christ Reformed Church - Minot, ND -Trinity Reformed Church - Modesto, CA -Grace Reformed Church - Willows, CA If you're interested, contact Ruben Zartman, RCUS Stated Clerk, (661) 447-3151,

[Added: 8/8/2022]