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Colorado Springs, CO
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Welcome to New Geneva Theological Seminary

The vision of New Geneva Theological Seminary is to be a transformational life-giving educational ministry based upon the truth of God's Word and for His glory alone, reaching around the world to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

New Geneva Goes Online!

New Geneva is now offering online courses for the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. You can begin each course at your convenience. Each course features live mentoring with one of our experienced profs. Courses currently offered are:

1. CH 501—Overview of Church History, C. W. Powell, Ph.D.
2. NT 5O1—New Testament Survey I, Dr. Louis Hill, M.Ed., M.A.T.S., D.Min.
3. NT 508—Biblical Hermeneutics, Dr. Mark A. House, Ph.D.
4. OT 502—Old Testament Survey II, Dr. Mark A. House, Ph.D.
5. OT 503—Old Testament Survey III, Dr. Mark A. House, Ph.D.
6. OT 507—Old Testament Biblical Theology, Dr. Mark A. House, Ph.D.
7. ST 502—Systematic and Historical Theology: Revelation and Inspiration, Dr. C. W. Powell, Ph.D.
8. ST 506—Systematic and Historical Theology: The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Dr. C. W. Powell, Ph. D.
9. ST 508—Comparative Evangelical Theologies, Dr. C. W. Powell, Ph.D.
10. ST 509—Social Ethics, Dr. Jim Urish, D.Min.
11. ST 513—History of Apologetics, Dr. Mark A. House, Ph.D.

For more information on the online study program, email Dr. House at mhouse@newgeneva.org or call the seminary at 719-573-5395.

Two Campuses

New Geneva has campuses in Colorado Springs, CO, and Fredericksburg, VA. Classes for the CO campus are listed below. To see the schedule of classes at the VA campus, click HERE.

New Geneva Media

Listen to The New Geneva Media, for Bible studies, sermons, radio messages and more from Dr. Dominic Aquila and Dr. Bud Powell.

Winter Intensive Courses
Upcoming Events

New Geneva Seminary has always put a major emphasis on preparing people to serve Christ whether or not they are enrolled in one of our degree programs. To accomplish this, we have made auditing courses exceptionally affordable. Intensive courses run for one week and meet each weekday evening and all day Saturday.

Biblical Hermeneutics
Jan. 21-25

This course provides an introduction to the principles of general and special hermeneutics and basic exegetical methods and tools, with an emphasis on both the theory and practice of biblical interpretation.

This course will be taught by Dr. Mark House, Professor of Biblical Studies and Registrar of New Geneva Seminary.

For information on enrollment for credit or audit, email registrar@newgeneva.org or call (800) 554-5669.

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Winter Doctor of Ministry Courses
Upcoming Events

New Geneva’s Doctor of Ministry courses provide those serving in pastoral ministry with ongoing in-service training from experienced ministry leaders that will assist them in increasing their knowledge and sharpening their ministry skills.

Leadership Development
Jan. 26-30

This course emphasizes the importance of personal and leadership development. Through lectures, discussion, and hands-on consulting, each person will learn to formulate a unified master plan of his life and ministry as a basis for clear decision making, problem solving, and a comprehensive vision for creative leadership and growth.

This course will be taught by Dr. Rich Wolfe, Th.M., D.Min., Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology, Leadership Trainer for Mission to the World, and author of The Personal Development Guide.

Effective Preaching
Jan. 26-30

Developing effective preaching is a lifelong process that includes continual review, learning, and application. This course covers topics familiar to the person who preaches on a regular basis but wants to reshape and sharpen his preaching skills and ministry.

This course will be taught by Dr. Dominic Aquila, D.Min., President, New Geneva Theological Seminary, and by Dr. Robert Stuart, D.Min., Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Counseling, President of Proclamation Ministries.

For information on enrollment for credit or audit, email registrar@newgeneva.org or call (800) 554-5669.

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Spring 2015 Courses
Upcoming Events

Spring courses run from Feb. 2-May 15.


New Testament Biblical Theology: A biblical and theological study of the New Testament from a Kingdom-Covenant perspective. The course will focus on Synoptic and Pauline Theology and integrate themes from New Testament studies. Prerequisite: NT 501–503. This course will be taught by Dr. Mark House, Professor of Biblical Studies.


Old Testament Exegesis II: A course equipping students in the principles of Hebrew exegesis to facilitate the use of the Hebrew language for preaching and teaching. The principles of textual criticism will also be taught. Prerequisite: OT 505. Dr. Mark House, Professor of Biblical Studies.

Comparative Evangelical Theologies: This course will compare and contrast various current theologies and movements within the modern evangelical church. This course will be taught by Dr. C. W. Powell, Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology.

Systematic Theology: Holy Spirit: An examination of the fifth and sixth major areas of theology—the study of the Holy Spirit and the study of salvation, focusing on the application of salvation, the ordo salutis, the bodily resurrection, the final judgment, and personal responsibility before God. Recommended: CH 501, CH 502. This course will be taught by Dr. C. W. Powell, Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology.

If you have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent and desire to become better equipped for service for the kingdom, email registrar@newgeneva.org or call (719) 573-5395 for information on enrollment for credit or audit.

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New Geneva Theological Seminary is accredited by the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (ARTS).

To make an online donation to New Geneva Seminary, use the link below.

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Degree Applications
Download degree application forms in PDF format from the Downloads section. Once you have obtained the application you need, fill it out and send it along with your $25.00 Application Fee to:
New Geneva Seminary
3622 Galley Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Send email to registrar@newgeneva.org to notify us that the application has been sent. Call (800) 554-5669 (for student inquiries only, please).

Tuition and Fees
The current schedule of Tuition and Fees is as published in the 2012-2014 New Geneva Theological Seminary catalog.

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