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Church History

CH 501 Overview of Church History I
CH 502 Overview of Church History II
CH 503 Church History: Cults and the Occult
CH 504 Church Government and Polity
CH 505 American Church History
CH 524 The Life, Thought and Impact of Augustine
CH 525 Martin Luther and the Reformation
CH 526 John Calvin and the Swiss Reformation
CH 527 History of the Presbyterian and Reformed Traditions
CH 550 Independent Study in Church History
CH 601 Church History Seminar
CH 680 Thesis (Church History)

Doctor of Ministry

DM 820 Foundations for Ministry
DM 830 Effective Communication
DM 835 The Church’s Ministry to its Culture
DM 840 Effective Preaching
DM 845 Contemporary Evangelical Theologies
DM 850 Effective Worship
DM 855 Pastoral Counseling
DM 865 Leadership Development
DM 875 The Minister’s Personal and Professional Life
DM 950 Independent Study
DM 999 Dissertation

Missions and Evangelism

ME 501 Evangelism Explosion Trainee
ME 502 Evangelism Explosion Trainer
ME 504 Introduction to Missions
ME 575 Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

New Testament

NT 501 New Testament Survey I
NT 502 New Testament Survey II
NT 503 New Testament Survey III
NT 504A Introduction to Greek I
NT 504B Introduction to Greek II
NT 504C Introduction to Greek III
NT 505 New Testament Exegesis I
NT 506 New Testament Exegesis II
NT 507 New Testament Biblical Theology
NT 508 Biblical Hermeneutics
NT 509 Life of Christ
NT 510 Romans
NT 525 Greek Reading
NT 527 Acts
NT 528 Ephesians
NT 529 1 Corinthians
NT 530 Galatians
NT 531 Philippians
NT 532 Colossians
NT 533 1 / 2 Timothy and Titus
NT 534 Hebrews
NT 536 Introduction to New Testament Thought Forms
NT 537 New Testament English Bible
NT 550 Independent Study in New Testament
NT 580 Thesis
NT 601 New Testament Seminar
NT 680 Thesis (New Testament)

Old Testament

OT 501 Old Testament Survey I
OT 502 Old Testament Survey II
OT 503 Old Testament Survey III
OT 504A Introduction to Hebrew I
OT 504B Introduction to Hebrew II
OT 504C Introduction to Hebrew III
OT 505 Old Testament Exegesis I
OT 506 Old Testament Exegesis II
OT 507 Old Testament Biblical Theology
OT 525 Introduction to Historical Geography
OT 526 Culture and Customs of Bible Days
OT 527 Introduction to Old Testament Thought Forms
OT 528 Old Testament English Bible
OT 529 Old Testament Book Study
OT 550 Independent Study in Old Testament
OT 601 Old Testament Seminar
OT 680 Thesis (Old Testament)

Pastoral Theology

PT 501A Pastoral Counseling I
PT 501B Pastoral Counseling II
PT 502A Homiletics I
PT 502B Homiletics II
PT 503A Leadership I
PT 503B Leadership II
PT 504A Church Development I
PT 504B Church Development II
PT 507 Worship
PT 511 Pastoral Theology
PT 525 Human Sexuality
PT 526 Anger and Abuse Management
PT 527 Current Issues in Biblical Counseling
PT 528 Group Dynamics
PT 529 Premarital Counseling
PT 530 Divorce and Remarriage
PT 531 Grief Counseling
PT 532 Crisis Counseling
PT 535 Communication Dynamics
PT 540 Church Development and Growth
PT 541 Church Planting
PT 550 Independent Study in Pastoral Theology

Religion and Society

RS 503 The Christian World View I
RS 504 The Christian World View II
RS 541 Reformed Perspectives on Christ and Culture

Systematic Theology

ST 501 Introduction to Reformed Theology
ST 502 Systematic and Historical Theology I: Revelation and Inspiration
ST 503 Systematic and Historical Theology II: God
ST 504 Systematic and Historical Theology III: Man
ST 505 Systematic and Historical Theology IV: Person and Work of Christ
ST 506 Systematic and Historical Theology V: Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
ST 507 Systematic and Historic Theology VI: The Church and Last Things
ST 508 Comparative Evangelical Theologies
ST 509 Social Ethics
ST 510 History of Philosophy and Logic
ST 511 Doctrine: Basic Survey I
ST 512 Doctrine: Basic Survey II
ST 513 History of Apologetics
ST 514 Contemporary Apologetic Systems
ST 537 The Challenge of World Religions
ST 538 Contemporary Liberal Theology
ST 539 Grace and Discipline
ST 540 Apologetics of Francis Schaeffer
ST 541 Apologetics of Cornelius Van Til
ST 545 Roman Catholicism
ST 546 Evangelism and Apologetics
ST 550 Independent Study in Systematic Theology
ST 580 Thesis (Systematic Theology)
ST_540 The Apologetics of Francis Schaeffer


TH 601 Biblical Theology Seminar
TH 602 Hermeneutics Seminar
TH 675 Research Methods
TH 680 Thesis (Theology)